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Mountaineering in Iceland

Iceland is a playground for mountaineers. The vast highlands and glaciers are ideal for longer cross-country ski tours. The profusion of ridges and mountains are a dream come true for those who choose to ski off-piste. It’s more than likely you’ll be the first and only person to mark the snow.

When it comes to ice climbing, the name says it all. Iceland offers routes in all shapes, forms and sizes.

If you’re coming to Iceland during the summer, don’t forget your rock climbing shoes. There are many good bolted and unbolted sport-climbing routes, graded from 5.3 to 5.13 all over the country.

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You don’t need to obtain permission or any special insurance for mountaineering in Iceland.
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The mountaineering community in Iceland is a relatively small, cosy one. Everybody knows everybody and people like to keep in contact with one
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