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Activity in Iceland

Iceland is full of fun things to do
Hiking, golfing, mountain biking, whale watching, glacier exploration, rock climbing, swimming, river rafting, kayaking, fishing and many more – there are endless activities awaiting you!
Pure and fresh
Did you know that it is safe to drink the water from most rivers and lakes in Iceland?
Here are some of the best salmon rivers in the world, but also cheaper alternatives.

Summer hikes are popular

Whether you prefer short walks or long, demanding hikes, Iceland is the place to be. It is a landscape full of surprises: here you can see boiling springs and glaciers side by side, colourful mountains, sharp peaked ridges, moss covered lava fields, black sands, fresh lavas, broad glacier outlets, and so much more.

About hiking in Iceland

Few trees, great visibility

In Iceland there are very few trees, allowing you to see this landscape unfold before you in all directions.

And don’t forget your camera because the light here is spectacular; many well known photographers have marveled at the incredible conditions.

Wild and unspoiled

In this wild, unspoiled country you may have to wade through rivers, scramble up scree slopes and hike over rough lavas. This variability is mirrored by the weather. It’s just as likely that you’ll wake up to beautiful sunshine in the morning, be surrounded by fog at lunchtime, battle through heavy down pours in the afternoon, only to be rewarded with a breathtaking sunset in the evening. Come well prepared and you’ll experience adventures like no others.

Mountaineering playground

Iceland is a playground for mountaineers. The vast highlands and glaciers are ideal for longer cross-country ski tours. The profusion of ridges and mountains are a dream come true for those who choose to ski off-piste. It’s more than likely you’ll be the first and only person to mark the snow.

When it comes to ice climbing, the name says it all. Iceland offers routes in all shapes, forms and sizes.

If you’re coming to Iceland during the summer, don’t forget your rock climbing shoes. There are many good bolted and unbolted sport-climbing routes, graded from 5.3 to 5.13 all over the country.

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