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Getting to and around Iceland

The quickest pragmatic way to get to Iceland is to fly. We recommend the DoHop service for looking up flights to Iceland

The buses in Iceland are great during the summer; they go anywhere and everywhere. Their schedule during the winter, is not as frequent. It’s not usually necessary to book in advance, but you could, just to be on the safe side.

If you prefer to drive yourself, there are a variety of local and international car rental companies that can help you. A good way to get more information on these is via one of the many web search engines such as Google. Try searching "Iceland car rental".

Before heading out of Reykjavík, you should always have information on the road and weather conditions. This can be obtained from the website of the Road Authority where there is a map detailing road conditions and information on the weather. Alternatively, just give them a ring and ask them directly.

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